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Anthony "Remedy By Request" Thomas

Inventor / Owner of "My Weed Box"

A product manufactured by NIEGroup Music LLC



I started with a vision to create a product  for marijuana consumers, that can be used for stationary and mobile use.   After doing extensive research, I discovered most consumers utilize any miscellaneous objects that are available as their workstations.  This is when I came up with the idea of  creating  a stationary / mobile weed box.  I want to eliminate the hassles of marijuana consumers searching for shoe box covers, tearing up news papers or paper bags, and messing up tables.  The intent is to make a product that everyone can use regardless of  profession or personal endeavors.  I want to create a sense of style, substance and character to the average marijuana consumer.   I want to create a look that makes you stand out among the rest.  

Anthony "Remedy By Request" Thomas

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